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Carolinda’s signature is the sinuous gilt line, weaving and blending in vines and arabesques, flowering into pomegranates, paisleys, and abstract spirals. Jewel colours cleave to the line, hot against the matte solids of black and turquoise, magenta and pumpkin, lavender and lime.


This web of tracery and detail makes the mundane magical – slippers and running shoes, coats and curtains all emerge from this treatment transformed, lyrical, witty.


It’s not just about surfaces though. The curvaceous shoulders, elegant necks, and ridged walls of her pots and bowls are profoundly un-Western, inspired by the refined ceramic shapes of Egypt and Syria, Iraq and Iran. She looks to the work of architects like Hassan Fathy and Luis Barragan, whose painterly use of shadow as substance lends weight to her own designs.


The ‘Misshapen World’ collection of ceramic sculptures evokes a deep sensuousness through their undulating and lustrous forms.