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Ceramics Monthly

May 2004

Carolinda Tolstoy Ceramics
Text by Ernst J. Grube

"Descendent of an old Middle Eastern family, linked to one of the great families of Russia, and living in London. [Carolinda Tolstoy's] art draws on a variety of sources," states Grube in this monograph. "But as is evident from even a superficial acquaintance with her work, her principal inspiration is the pottery of the Muslim Middle EastÉ She appears to have taken up, in a unique way, the tradition of the perpetuation of Near Eastern pottery design by European artists.

"Fascinated by both the floral and the abstract geometric patterns of Islamic art, she has developed a style of ceramic painting that combines elements of both these forms of decoration, mixing various elements in a highly imaginative way." After this introduction by Grube, the remainder of the book depicts the various series that Tolstoy has created, such as "Tulips," "Carnations," "Unions." Grube provides a brief description and background for each of the series presented.

160 pages, including bibliography, list of exhibitions and work history. 183 colour photographs. £19.99 (US $36). IBSN 1-874044-56-2. Art Books International, 15 Windmill Grove, Porchester, Hampshire, England PO16 9HT; e-mail;; telephone (44)2392200080.