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The Anglo Turkish Society's visit to Carolinda Tolstoy's house 2006

Walking down a very normal looking Clapham street on June 7th we could not distinguish Carolinda’s house from any other.

However, when she opened the door we just gasped - we had been transported to another world of swirling colours all round us on walls, ceilings, trainers, Wellington boots, fabrics, in fact everything. A huge chandelier hung above the table on which was mint tea and bite-sized food. The Islamic and Arabic decorations continued throughout the house and upstairs was a collection of superbly lit ceramic wares. Outside in the trees were more things to be amazed by.

Carolinda works with all kinds of materials with stunning results and is in great demand internationally. Her studio at home is very small but poses no problem to her as she produces her work. It was a real Aladdin’s cave and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to visit her there.

Monica Hubner